Can I chat with Lufthansa?

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Have you ever wondered, “Can I chat with Lufthansa?” As airlines progressively embrace digital connections, the ease of real-time help becomes an essential component of customer service. With the introduction of Lufthansa chat services, you can now communicate with the airline quickly and effortlessly, removing conventional communication hurdles.

Whether guests have questions regarding airline tickets, baggage regulations, or travel updates, the Lufthansa chat tool provides a direct connection channel, simplifying the travel experience. In a day where immediate gratification reigns supreme, the opportunity to communicate via chat with a well-known airline like Lufthansa is a huge step towards increasing consumer happiness and developing personalized assistance.

Does Lufthansa have chat support?

Yes, Lufthansa has online chat support where you can gain quick assistance with your queries. This chat with Lufthansa option provides you with many advantages by resolving your queries from booking to cancellation of tickets. However, many customers want to utilize this chat with Lufthansa option but must be aware of its contact process.

In this case, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the Lufthansa official website.
  • Click on the “Help & contact” option.
  • At the bottom of your screen, click the “Chat with assistant” option.
  • The customer service chatbot “Elisa” remains active 24/7 to help customers.
  • Click on the START CHAT option.
  • Either type your query or select from the options in the chat box.
  • Please choose any of them or enter more details to obtain more precise help from a chatbot.

For what type of queries can I contact Lufthansa?

Getting live assistance on your bookings and travel plans can be tricky, especially at the last minute; Lufthansa Airlines lets you connect with their customer services team without hassle. Also, you can get instant assistance on their bookings and travel plans instantly. The dedicated experts on Lufthansa Airlines are quite experienced to assist you with every aspect of your bookings.

Here are the most common queries regarding which you can get quick expert assistance:-

  • Reservations on Lufthansa Airlines
  • Baggage, cargo services, pet & group travel
  • Deals and offers, vacation packages.
  • Check-ins and manage booking.
  • Invoice and receipts
  • Refunds, cancellations, and flight change
  • Upgrade options
  • Other queries.

How do I contact Lufthansa?

The most efficient way to contact Lufthansa is to call their customer service number. However, Lufthansa offers other various ways to contact them, such as:

  • Phone: You can call Lufthansa’s customer support representative at 1800 102 5838 / +1-844-402-8093.
  • Online chat: you can also contact them via their website via the “chat with Lufthansa” option.
  • Social media: Lufthansa’s social media platforms are also one of the options to contact Lufthansa. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Email:  You can also send an email to Lufthansa’s customer service.
  • Mobile App: Use the Lufthansa mobile application for assistance.
  • Airport Counter: Speak directly to Lufthansa staff at the airport.

How do I get a response from Lufthansa?

The most direct way to get a response from Lufthansa’s representative is by calling the customer’s phone number. Lufthansa offers 24-hour and seven-week service to their customers. You can also get a response from Lufthansa for your query through social media platforms, email, chat-box, or at the airport.

Is it possible to chat with Lufthansa Airlines?

It is important to contact a live person available to help you at a suitable time. If you are looking for answers related to your Lufthansa flight and wondering if you can chat with Lufthansa, the answer is “yes.”

You can chat with Lufthansa’s chat assistant by following the steps below:

  • First, launch an internet browser, visit the Lufthansa website, click the log-in button, and enter the credentials.
  • Head to the booking tab, choose a contact tab showing on the same page and choose a chat service you can find among email, phone calls, and social media services.
  • Click on the chat service and enter the contact details of the passenger cli, click on the chat box ent, er the Hi, and start chatting with a live person at Lufthansa Airlines eventually.

How long does it take for Lufthansa to reply?

Lufthansa acknowledges receipt of written customer complaints within 30 days of their receipt and sends a substantive response within 60 days of receiving the complaint.

How can I contact Lufthansa by phone?

You can contact Lufthansa to seek help from the airline representative over a phone call session

by following the steps:

  1. Firstly, dial the toll-free number 1800 102 5838 / +1-844-402-8093 of the airline.
  2. You must wait for the IVR instructions and select the preferred options.
  3. For language preference, the traveler can press 1.
  4. Regarding the ticket cancellation, the traveler can press 2.
  5. For ticket modification and other related services, the traveler can press 3.
  6. Regarding baggage-related services, press 4.
  7. For special assistance, press 5
  8. Lastly, To speak to the airline representative, press 9.

After selecting the preferred option, you can easily contact Lufthansa customer service by phone and get the required help to manage your bookings.

How To Complain To Lufthansa via Feedback Form?

You may also use a feedback form to contact Lufthansa’s customer service for any complaints. To register a complaint to Lufthansa via feedback form,

follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Lufthansa Airlines website and look for the feedback and contact form on the home page.
  • After that, pick a topic from the available options for which you need to file a complaint.
  • Then, in the feedback box, provide a brief description of your complaint to Lufthansa
  • Afterward, provide your name and contact information and upload a file containing pertinent information.
  • Finally, press the submit feedback button to register your complaint, which Lufthansa’s customer support team will process

How Long is Lufthansa Airlines Hold Time?

If you are still determining your travel date or time, you can effortlessly put a hold on your ticket with Lufthansa Airlines. Lufthansa Airlines provides flexibility to its passengers to hold their reservations for up to 48 hours. However, you can book the tickets within that period at a guaranteed price. All the reserved hold flights can be booked through the official Lufthansa Airlines website or the customer care executive. Use the ‘reservation with price guarantee’ option while booking a flight you need clarification on.

How long do I have to wait for Lufthansa’s compensation?

Lufthansa processes claims quickly and pays out compensation when it is due. It takes an average of 8 weeks for Lufthansa to process your reimbursement (55 days).

How do I complain to Lufthansa?

Sometimes, you can face many airline problems, such as rude flight attendants, canceled flights without information, better food served, etc. However,

now you can easily register your complaint to Lufthansa by following the steps below:

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Next, click on the help & contact option.
  • After that, search for the specific topic and then brief your complaint.
  • Further, explain your complaint clearly.
  • At last, you will get a confirmation message of complaint on your registered email ID or phone number.

After following the above steps, you can easily complain to Lufthansa Airlines in a very secure manner. If you still have any queries, talk to a live person at Lufthansa Airlines for reliable and assured assistance. Besides all this, you can also go to the assistance table to solve all your problems quickly.


Lufthansa provides a live chat option for its customers, offering a convenient and efficient way to seek assistance and resolve queries. This feature enhances the overall customer experience, allowing for real-time communication and support, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more satisfying journey with the airline.

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Yes, Lufthansa offers an online chat option to solve queries effortlessly. This chat with Lufthansa option provides you with many advantages by resolving your queries from booking to cancellation of tickets.

If you want to talk to a live person at Lufthansa, you can simply call their toll-free number, 1800-102-5838.

You can contact Lufthansa customer service in various ways, such as via call, official website/app, email, Lufthansa’s social media platforms, or at the airport.

Lufthansa Airlines is available 24/7 on the toll-free phone call and has a waiting time of 2 minutes after the passenger has opted for the appropriate option.

You can find the Lufthansa customer service chat option on Lufthansa’s official website and app. You will find the “chat with us” option at the bottom of their website or app page.