Lufthansa Baggage Fees For International Flights

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Lufthansa Baggage Fees For International Flights

Lufthansa is one of the most well-known and popular airlines due to its wide network and first-rate service. Its cleverly crafted baggage allowance fees provide a generous luggage allowance tailored to the requirements of a wide range of travelers. To ensure a seamless travel experience, it is essential to comprehend the luggage fees charged by Lufthansa Airlines, regardless of the length of the trip or the intricacies involved.

This blog explores the key elements of Lufthansa baggage fees, such as unique products, compliance advice, and allowances for carry-on and checked luggage. Let’s explore the rules of Lufthansa Airlines by diving into the blog.

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance for International Flights

When traveling on international flights with Lufthansa Airlines, it’s crucial to be aware of the baggage allowance. By following this you can avoid any inconvenience and hassle at the last moment. Lufthansa has different baggage allowances depending on the travel class and destination. Here is the breakdown of baggage allowance for different types of travel classes:

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

  • According to Lufthansa Airlines, travelers can easily bring checked bags of any size and quantity on their international flights, depending on the ticket class.
  • If you have Economy and Premium Economy tickets, you can bring only one carry-on bag, up to 8 kg (approx. 17 lbs).
  • However, you can also bring two carry-on pieces of baggage. Each bag up to 8 kg, carry-on business bags, and first-class tickets.
  • The dimensions of the Carry-on Bag must be no more than 55 x 40 x 23 cm (approx. 21 x 15 x 9 inches).
  • Moreover, you are also allowed to bring a small personal item. Items such as a laptop bag, a handbag, etc., with dimensions more than 30 x 40 x 10 cm (approx. 11 x 15 x 3 inches).

Checked Baggage Allowance

  • According to Lufthansa Airlines, travelers can easily bring checked bags of any size and quantity on their international flights, depending on the ticket class.
  • If you own an economy class ticket, you are not eligible for free checked bags.
  • However, for Economy Classic and Flex, you can bring one bag up to 23 kg (approx. 50 lbs).
  • If you own a business class ticket, you can bring two bags weighing 32 kg (approx. 70 lbs) each.
  • If you own a first-class ticket, you can bring three bags weighing 32 kg (approx. 70 lbs) each.

Lufthansa Extra Baggage Fees

If you want to bring more luggage than the allotted amount, Lufthansa Airlines offers choices for excess baggage purchases. Various variables, including the flight route, travel class, and the quantity of additional bags, determine the fee. You must utilize Lufthansa baggage calculator or contact customer care to find out the precise cost of additional luggage. Based on your unique itinerary, the calculator will calculate the appropriate costs for any additional luggage you carry. However, the Lufthansa extra baggage fees for international flights range from $100 to $200.

Tips to Comply With The Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Allowance

Here are some tips so that you can easily comply with the Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance and avoid paying unnecessary additional baggage fees:

  • Measure and Weigh Your Baggage: Make sure your luggage meets Lufthansa’s weight and size requirements before you leave for the airport by measuring and weighing them.
  • Mark Your Baggage: Write your name, address, and phone number on the exterior as well as the interior of your luggage.
  • Pack Wisely: Divide up your belongings to prevent overstuffed luggage, and think about using packing cubes to arrange and optimize your space.
  • Comply with destination restrictions: Certain rules in certain nations may limit what you can carry. To prevent surprises, do some prior research on them.
  • Consider Travel Insurance: Longer travels, or pricey things provide even more peace of mind with travel insurance.

Lufthansa Baggage Restrictions

Lufthansa Airlines strives to provide its passengers with the best and most comfortable travel experience. So they have certain restrictions for safety purposes and compliance with international regulations. It’s important to comply with these restrictions to avoid any last-minute hassle during your trip. Following are some of the common restrictions of Lufthansa Airlines:

  • Prohibited Items: The transportation of dangerous chemicals or objects that endanger the safety of passengers and crew is strictly forbidden by Lufthansa Airlines. These goods include combustible materials, explosives, and corrosives. Therefore, when you pack your baggage, be sure to check the airline for forbidden products.
  • Restr Items: Aerosols, gels, and liquids are among the products that aviation security laws restrict. Lufthansa complies with the regulations established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Travelers must pack such things according to the regulations and bring them in for additional screening at the security checkpoint.


Overall, it’s vital to understand and explore the Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance and fees that apply according to your travel class and destination to avoid unnecessary chaos during your travel. By preparing for your flight journey in advance and complying with the airlines’ rules and regulations, passengers can ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey with one of the leading airlines. Whether you want to travel light with just carry-on luggage or need to transport any special items, Lufthansa airline accommodates a wide range of travel needs, making your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. However, if you face any issue or need more information about the Lufthansa airline policies or services, dial the Lufthansa airline customer service number 844-402-8093.

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Economy Class: 1 bag up to 23 kg (50 lb) Premium Economy Class: 2 bags up to 23 kg (50 lb) each. Business Class: 2 bags up to 32 kg (70 lb) each. First Class: 3 bags up to 32 kg (70 lb) each.

The maximum allowable dimensions for carry-on luggage on Lufthansa flights are 22 x 16 x 9 inches (55 x 40 x 23 cm). The bagag weight can exceed 18 lbs (8 kg). You can also bring an additional bag (laptop bag or handbag) not exceeding 12 x 16 x 4 inches (30 x 40 x 10 cm).

Before you check into your flight, you can buy an additional bag to put on hold. This option gets more expensive the closer to your departure date and even costlier if added at the airport.

1 cabin bag (Economy/ Premium Economy) or 2 items of cabin baggage (Business/ First), each weighing no more than 8 kg/ 17 lbs. Passengers may also carry a smaller personal item, such as a handbag or laptop bag, as hand luggage.

You will pay an additional fee to carry all your baggage, be it heavy or larger than allowed, in both our international and domestic sectors. If your luggage exceeds the weight limit of 32 kg/70lb per bag, you will be charged a fee for the excess baggage based on your ticket.

Airlines often charge excessive fees for carrying extra baggage, particularly on international flights. This issue arises because each airline sets its own rules for baggage allowance, and they may think they have you over a barrel if you don’t choose your options.