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Are you searching for an opulent and cozy vacation experience? Lufthansa premium economy class provides the ideal mix of increased comfort and price. This blog will cover everything you need to know about Lufthansa’s premium economy, from the roomy seats and additional legroom to the delicious meal selections and special facilities.

When they go to the skies, Lufthansa, a Star Alliance member, offers many distinct cabin options. Depending on the route and trip, Lufthansa provides passengers with economy, premium economy, business class, and first-class cabins. Discover how Lufthansa premium economy can take your travel experience to new levels. Whether you are an avid traveler or are organizing a special vacation you can take advantage of various perks.

Lufthansa Premium Economy Experience at The Airport

Booking Lufthansa premium economy comes with several perks. However, you will get to enjoy several perks at the airport as well, which are as follows:

  • Lufthansa premium economy lounge access: In addition to the Welcome Lounge, which serves as the arrivals lounge for passengers arriving locally in Frankfurt, Lufthansa provides Premium Economy customers with access to their corporate lounges at the majority of airports for an extra cost. Most cities have ticket counters or Lufthansa service desks where passengers may purchase entrance. However, in Frankfurt and Munich, passengers can purchase directly in the lounge.
  • Lufthansa premium economy check-in: Premium Economy passengers check in at the airport’s economic check-in areas Unless their Star Alliance or Lufthansa Miles & More status grants them access to other privileges.
  • Baggage allowance: Besides receiving two complimentary checked bags up to 23 kg/50 pounds each, Premium Economy customers are entitled to double the checked luggage allowance of Economy passengers.

Lufthansa Premium Economy in-Flight Experience

Here’s what you will get in-flight experience in Lufthansa premium economy class:

Premium seats

All Lufthansa aircraft are equipped with the same Premium Economy seat, which has an adjustable headrest, a huge touchscreen entertainment system, and an optional remote control in the armrest. The armrests contain tray tables. The Premium Economy compartment is in front of the economy class, with a few exceptions. An economy cabin is located between the Business Class and Premium Economy cabins on the 747-8 and certain 747-400 variants. The only partition between Economy and Premium Economy is a tiny ceiling divider. However, there is no separation between the cabins.

When the Premium Economy cabin is located behind the Business Class cabin, there is a complete curtain and signs on airplanes directing Premium Economy guests to go forward to use the Economy Class restrooms. Since the Premium Economy cabins are often located above the wings, the aircraft wing usually blocks the view from the window seats.

Lufthansa Premium Economy Meals

In contrast to Lufthansa’s economy class, passengers traveling in the premium economy have access to a menu for food and beverages. This mean you can easily buy your preferable food on a flight. The cuisine of Central Europe is the basis of Lufthansa’s premium economy menu, albeit the food and drink options differ depending on the trip and itinerary. By duration of flight, Lufthansa premium economy also offers several meal options:

  • On flights shorter than 6 1/2 hours, you will be served a main dinner, dessert, and snack (such as a wrap).
  • Before arrival, you will be served a main meal, dessert, and a cold breakfast on flights lasting at least 6 1/2 hours.
  • On flights lasting nine hours or more, you will get a main dinner, dessert, and a hearty breakfast, such as an omelet, along with freshly made bread rolls.

Remember that premium economy customers are no longer eligible for complimentary alcoholic beverages.

Amenities and Other Perks

In addition to the spacious seats, Lufthansa’s premium economy class offers a variety of additional benefits and extras, such as:

  • The in-flight entertainment screen measures 11 or 12 inches.
  • A bottle of mineral water and a nonalcoholic welcome drink await you at your seat.
  • The airline will serve you dinner on elegant chine dishes.
  • Two complimentary pieces of baggage, each no more than fifty pounds (23 kilograms).
  • A kit of amenities.

Moreover, Lufthansa’s premium economy cabin are present in the front of the aircraft. This means you will be among the first to disembark, which is advantageous if you have early connections.


Lufthansa’s premium economy offers a compelling balance between comfort, value, and amenities. Its spacious seats, enhanced meal service, and additional amenities present a worthwhile upgrade option. However, for travelers seeking a more comfortable flying experience without the premium price tag of business class. The extra legroom, increased recline, and dedicated cabin section create a more relaxed environment for long-haul journeys. While the specific offerings may vary by route and aircraft. Lufthansa premium class provides a solid value proposition for travelers looking to elevate their flying experience

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Given the significant price difference between economy and premium economy, we’d recommend booking Lufthansa premium economy only if you value extra space, elevated dining options on your flight, and being toward the front of the aircraft.

Lufthansa premium economy includes additional checked baggage allowance, upgraded meals and amenity kits, lounge access for a fee, and a smaller, more intimate cabin at or near the front of the economy section.

If an airline wishes to tempt passengers to pay to upgrade, these small perks should be offered as standard. Lufthansa’s premium economy seats are noticeably larger and more comfortable than regular ones. It would be worth it if you could book premium economy for only a few hundred dollars more.

The extra legroom was helpful when passengers needed to stretch out. The premium-economy seats had plenty of legroom — 38 inches compared to 31 to 34 inches in economy. The extra room allowed me to stretch my legs when needed without getting up and walking around the plane every hour or so.