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Lufthansa First Class

Explore the epitome of luxury travel with Lufthansa Airlines’ first-class experience. With its exquisite dining and unparalleled comfort, Lufthansa sets the benchmark for premium air travel. This blog explores the luxurious world of Lufthansa’s first-class cabins, where every detail is designed to provide luxury and convenience. Lufthansa Airlines redefines what it means to travel elegantly, starting from the minute you enter the airport lounge and continuing through the flawless flight experience. Get ready to be amazed by the exceptional facilities, service, and attention to detail that make traveling in Lufthansa Airline First Class a unique experience.

What to Expect Flying First Class With Lufthansa?

The first-class experience of Lufthansa Airlines varies a little from plane to plane and from airport to airport. If you are flying on a Lufthansa 747, you will get a personal, lockable wardrobe at the front of the plane for your extra carry-on items. However, if you are flying on Lufthansa’s Airbus a380, you will have access to a luxurious first-class restroom with a changing and washing area separate from the toilet. But regardless of which type of plane you are flying in, you will enjoy luxuries and comforts that make your flight a pleasurable and seamless experience.

Lufthansa First Class Services:

With Lufthansa Airline first class, you will get to enjoy the following things:

  • Seats: Comfortable seats are a big part of the Lufthansa first-class experience. The ergonomically designed seating in the open suit is over 80 inches long and 30 inches wide. However, the headrest, ottoman, and seat back are fully adjustable, and the carefully designed lighting includes a reading lamp, mood-setting night light, and electronically adjustable window blinds.
  • Lounges: Lufthansa Airlines offers first-class lounges and facilities at various airports, including Munich, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich, Tokyo-Narita, and New York-JFK. At Munich and Frankfurt airports, you will find the top lounge experience. In Munich, you can enjoy perks like relaxation rooms with daybeds, showers, and a hot tub. Frankfurt Airlines offers a whole terminal just for first-class travelers.
  • Personal airport assistance: If you are flying out of Frankfurt airport, you can drive straight to the airport entrance to find personal assistance waiting to guide you through check-in and security while a valet takes care of your car. However, the other Lufthansa airport also offers special assistants to smooth the journey to the gate.
  • Baggage: Travellers flying in Lufthansa first class can also enjoy extra baggage allowance. Travelers flying the first class can get three checked bags and two carry-ons included with their ticket.
  • Dining: With Lufthansa Airline first class, you will enjoy an exquisite high-end culinary experience with sommelier-selected wines. Lufthansa airline also offers two extras that are hard to find elsewhere: signature caviar service and choosing when you want your meal served.

How to Book Lufthansa First-Class Tickets With Points?

Ways to book your Lufthansa first-class ticket:

  1. Miles & More: If you use your Miles & More points to book your tickets directly, you can access first-class seats up to 359 days before departure. This helps you plan a trip, and booking a first-class flight on Lufthansa Airlines is much easier.
  2. Asians Club: If you want to book the absolute cheapest Lufthansa first-class awards, then you must choose to book the tickets via Asiana Club. With miles in your account, you can access the Lufthansa, which releases first-class seats 15 days before departure. However, if everything aligns, you can book a Lufthansa first-class ticket from the U.S. to Europe for only 50,000 miles one-way. The cost is significantly less than some other airline program options.
  3. Avianca LifeMiles: With Avianca Lifemiles, you will get award rates, and don’t impose surcharges on award tickets. American Express Membership Rewards, Citi ThankYou Points, and Capital One Miles are Avianca’s transfer partners. These partners make it easy to top up your account when booking first-class tickets. However, this program also frequently offers deals and discounts that let you purchase miles relatively cheaply.

What to Expect on Lufthansa First Class?

Following are the perks of Lufthansa first class that you will get to enjoy from check-in to touchdown:

Pre-departure: One of the benefits of flying in the first class Terminal of the Lufthansa airline is Frankfurt, Germany. Passengers mostly pray for a flight delay so they can enjoy the pre-departure amenities a little longer. Here are some highlights that you can enjoy in the lounge:

  • You can enjoy a gourmet meal in the Wining & Dining area.
  • You can taste over 130 whiskeys at the bar.
  • Take a refreshing shower or soak yourself in a tub.
  • You can rest on a daybed in a quiet room.
  • You will also relax with a treatment at the First Class Spa.

On-board: No matter what you are flying on which aircraft, all Lufthansa airlines have first-class cabins that look and experience the same. Each aircraft has 180-degree, lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 seat configuration, offering each seat direct aisle access. Moreover, you will get a 17-inch display and Bose noise-canceling headphones for in-flight entertainment. Other amenities such as pajamas and slippers, an amenity kit with toiletries, and turndown service.

Food and beverage: Lufthansa airline’s first-class meal service starts with an amuse-bouche, Lufthansa’s famous caviar service. Its white tablecloth, signature red rose, and china dish get you as close to fine dining as you can see on the Lufthansa aircraft. In the meal service, you will get multiple courses of your choice. As you will get to enjoy, drink options are nothing short of high-end. You will get to choose from premium Champagne, a precisely curated selection of four white and four red wines from around the world, and premium spirits such as Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Beluga Noble Russian vodka.


Lufthansa Airline First Class offers an unforgettable experience, especially if you have the pleasure of enjoying its dedicated First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. Securing a first-class booking for Lufthansa requires some effort, and taxes and fees can be steep for award tickets. However, once you have experienced it, you will likely be eager to do it again. For more information about Lufthansa First Class or any assistance regarding booking, cancellation, refund, etc., you can dial the Lufthansa airline customer service number.

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An upgrade can be booked 360 days before the flight and, at the latest, 24 hours before departure. During this time, call up your journey online under My Bookings. The system automatically checks which of your flights qualifies for an upgrade.

If you have United MileagePlus miles, Air Canada Aeroplan miles, or another partner airline currency, you can book first-class Lufthansa award flights directly through the partner airline. United MileagePlus members, for example, can book seats in Lufthansa first class directly through

This table can help you find first-class flights operated by Lufthansa (LH) with direct availability. Lufthansa typically only releases award seats in First Class within three days of departure.

Generally, the greater your frequent flyer status, the more likely you will get upgraded to First Class. But even if you don’t have top-tier status, there are ways to increase your chances, such as arriving early for check-in, dressing professionally, and politely asking the gate agent if any upgrades are available.

Lufthansa offers you Lufthansa First Class on selected routes from our hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. Departing from Frankfurt, you can enjoy first-class comfort and service on numerous long-haul flights worldwide.