Lufthansa Lost and Found Policy

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Lufthansa Lost and Found Policy

One of the most unpleasant experiences that a traveller can go through is the one where they lose their valuable items at the airport or on the flight. Whether you left your baggage by mistake or the airline misplaced it during baggage check-in, it always creates panic. Don’t worry because the Lufthansa Lost and Found Policy has you covered.

As you read further, you will learn about the ways through which you can get your items back. The step-by-step procedure is given in the upcoming sections, so lose the stress, and let’s get your bags back to you.

Lufthansa Lost and Found: Damaged Baggage

Sometimes, when you arrive at your destination, you notice that your bags have damage. Irrespective of whether the damage is small or big, there’s always a solution for all. If your items get damaged during the transit period due to Lufthansa’s fault, then follow the simple steps below.

Lufthansa Lost and Found at the Airport:

  • If you are at the airport and you realize that you received damaged baggage, head straight to the Lufthansa lost baggage desk. Explain the incident to the Lufthansa agent over there, and they will provide you with a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Additionally, they will also give you a baggage status reference number that you can use in the future to track your baggage. Moreover, at some selective airports, you may also get replacement baggage.
  • Online Lufthansa Baggage Claim:
  • If you have already left the airport, and later you realize that your baggage is damaged, you can still get help. Lufthansa gives you a period of seven days to file a claim online at Lufthansa’s website. You need to fill out the Lufthansa Lost and Found form available on the website of the airline.

In both the above-given cases, the passenger must submit the following documents to Lufthansa:

  • Your flight ticket and the boarding pass receipt.
  • Baggage tags
  • Provide the baggage damage details elaborately.

Remember, you must receive authorization in written form from Lufthansa Airlines after you fill out the Lufthansa Lost and Found form.

Lufthansa Lost and Found: Missing Baggage

The policy set by Lufthansa considers a passenger’s baggage missing under two circumstances.

  • After a period of seven days after arrival. (Domestic Flight)
  • After a period of 14 days after arrival. (International Flight)

Additionally, the Lufthansa lost and found team will ask for the following documents, so be ready:

  • Passenger’s passport or any other Government-issued ID.
  • A photocopy of the customer’s bank statement.
  • BCB/SWIFT/TBN code for international transactions.
  • If the passenger purchased the flight from a travel agency, then an authorization.

Declare Missing Bags to the Lufthansa team at the airport.

If you have reached your destination, and you realize at the airport itself that your baggage is missing, then proceed towards the Lufthansa counter. Lufthansa Lost and Found agents will give you a PIR. Additionally, a baggage status reference number is also provided on the spot. You can use these in the future to track the status of your missing baggage.

  • How to Track Lufthansa’s Lost Baggage Status?
  • Use the PIR number that you received at the airport or online after submitting the Lufthansa Lost and Found form. Enter that number in the tracking link available at the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • How do you claim necessary items purchased due to lost baggage?
  • This step is used when the passenger purchases necessary items, such as clothes or toiletries after their baggage goes missing. The passenger can claim reimbursement for these items by filing the declaration form available on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.

Lufthansa Lost and Found Policy: Delayed Baggage

Passengers could refer to this section if Lufthansa did not load their checked baggage on the flight that they traveled on. Usually, this happens due to technical obligations or safety concerns. Nevertheless, it is an unpleasant experience and may hamper with the passenger’s plans. So, given below are the steps you can take if your baggage is not on time:

STEP 1: As soon as you reach the baggage carousel and realize your baggage is missing, head to the Lufthansa Lost and Found desk.

STEP 2: At the desk, provide the Lufthansa agent with the details of your flight reservation. Along with this, also provide the baggage tag that you received when you checked in.

STEP 3: Upon visiting the desk, you will receive a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Additionally, a Lufthansa lost baggage reference number is also provided. Please keep this information safe, as you will need this in future steps.

STEP 4: Once your lost item is found by Lufthansa agents, they will ship it to the address you have given. Make sure to check the address you give in the PIR, as that is the address the baggage gets sent to.

STEP 5: Once the passenger receives the baggage, they can claim compensation for the delay caused. However, the timeline for this is 21 days after the baggage is delivered to the passenger.

What if Lufthansa can’t find my baggage?

If Lufthansa fails to find your lost baggage within 72 hours after you filed the complaint, you may claim compensation. Use the PIR and reference number to fill out the compensation form available at the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.

Please remember to describe in detail the items that you lost, such as shoes, necklaces, earphones, etc. Additionally, also provide the value of each item that you lost during the flight process. It is very important to provide a proper description of the items that you lost, as it would help the Lufthansa agents in recovering the items.

How do you contact Lufthansa Lost and Found?

Getting in touch with a Lufthansa Customer Service agent is easy and hassle-free. If you want to know the procedure or steps for claiming your lost, damaged, or delayed baggage, then just give a call. Lufthansa Lost and Found number is 1800 102 5838 or +1-844-402-8093.


Losing your baggage while flying to another city or country is very distressing, as it hampers with the plans. But you don’t need to panic anymore. Lufthansa Lost and Found Policy provides all customers with a chance to recover their lost items and get compensation for them as well. In case of any doubts, please contact Lufthansa Customer Service at 1800 102 5838 or +1-844-402-8093.

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