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Lufthansa Pregnancy policy

It is important for expectant mothers to have a comfortable and stress-free journey, even when traveling by air. Lufthansa Airlines recognizes the unique needs of pregnant travelers and has established a comprehensive pregnancy policy to ensure their comfort and safety. Whether you are a soon-to-be mom planning a babymoon or a business traveler, understanding Lufthansa pregnancy policy is very crucial to make your air travel experience as enjoyable as it is convenient. This blog delves into the information related to Lufthansa’s pregnancy policy and other details. Let’s explore!

What is Lufthansa’s Pregnancy policy?

Lufthansa Airlines does not impose any restrictions on pregnant women. However, Lufthansa takes the charge to ensure the safe travel of the passengers. Here’s some insights from the Lufthansa pregnancy policy:

  • Lufthansa Airlines does not impose any restrictions on pregnant women while traveling . Other special safety measures are provided for pregnant passengers. You must have to submit the approval letter of your health consultant to the airline in case you are near to 29th week of pregnancy.
  • If you are pregnant and traveling, you must choose a seat with extra legroom while booking the flight tickets. However, if the seats are available you can request for the same while boarding the flight.
  • The Lufthansa crew is specially trained to provide medical assistance if any medical emergency occurs during the journey.

What documents are required according to Lufthansa Airlines’ pregnancy policy?

Pregnant passengers do not have to submit any additional documents or ask for special permission to fly with Lufthansa Airlines. However, still, there are some documents that are important to submit to Lufthansa airline under Lufthansa Airlines Pregnancy Travel Restrictions:

Government-issued documents: It is mandatory for not only pregnant women but also for all passengers to carry valid IDs while traveling with Lufthansa Airlines. Identification can be of major help in any case of emergency.

Approval Letter from the Healthcare Professional: It is advisable to the pregnant women avoid traveling after crossing the 28th week of pregnancy. However, if there is an urgent need to travel, passengers must provide a letter from their healthcare provider approving their travel.

Document in case of International Travel: According to the Lufthansa Airlines pregnancy policy, necessary documents such as visas, passports, etc are mandatory to carry while traveling.

What is the right time for pregnant women to travel on Lufthansa Policy Pregnancy?

According to the Lufthansa pregnancy policy, the airline doesn’t impose any restrictions on traveling. However, In such scenarios, you must avoid traveling:

  • Medical complications: Passengers with medical complications are allowed to travel with Lufthansa Airlines. However, a woman with some medical complications must avoid traveling.
  • Pregnancy with high risk: You must consider the situations with high risk according to Lufthansa pregnancy policy rules:
    • Placenta previa.
    • Anyone with a preterm labor history.
    • Preeclampsia
  • Lufthansa recommends the women with over 36 weeks to not fly.
  • In any case, if the doctor recommends avoiding traveling, you must follow that and do not travel.

How many weeks pregnant can a woman be flying on Delta flights?

To book a flight for a Pregnant lady on Lufthansa Airlines, you can follow these steps:

  • Early reservations: reservations for pregnant women must be done early to secure their Lufthansa flight bookings at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Reservation modalities: If you are pregnant and want to reserve seats on Delta Airlines, you won’t be able to do so online. However, you can contact Delta Airlines directly at 1-844-402-8093 to make your seat reservations.
  • Optimal timing: For singleton pregnancies, Lufthansa recommends avoiding air traveling after reaching 37 weeks due to the potential onset of labor pain.
  • Twin Pregnancy Considerations: Expectant mothers with uncomplicated twin pregnancies can travel on Delta Airlines until 32 weeks.


These comprehensive measures for Pregnant women cater to the well-being of expectant travelers, ensuring a seamless and comfortable flight with Lufthansa Airlines. To gain more information related to Lufthansa Airlines pregnancy policy or related terms simply reach Lufthansa representatives at 1-844-402-8093.

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Generally, women are not allowed to travel by air after 36 weeks for domestic travel, and after 28 to 35 weeks for international travel. The decision on whether to travel and how far to travel at any time during pregnancy should be a joint decision between you and your healthcare provider.

After week 28 of pregnancy, the airline may ask for a letter from your doctor or midwife confirming your due date, and that you are not at risk of complications. You may have to pay for the letter and wait several weeks before you get it.

Most airlines won’t let you fly if you’re within about a month of your due date. Some will need a letter from your GP or midwife saying you’re fit to fly when you’re 7 months pregnant. Check with the airline before you book.