Lufthansa Refund: Policy, Procedure and More

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Lufthansa Refund

Lufthansa Airlines provides immense support and quick solutions to all customers’ queries. Whether it’s to cancel a ticket or request a Lufthansa refund, customers can trust the airline for all their problems. In this article, you will get all the information that you need about how to request Lufthansa for a refund and more.

What is the Lufthansa Refund Policy?

Before any customer begins to request a refund from Lufthansa, they must first understand how their policy works. The points given below highlight the major points of the Lufthansa Refund Policy that every customer must know. Read the terms and conditions, and then proceed towards the refund procedure.

  1. The airline usually takes 7 to 20 working days to initiate a refund once the refund request is approved.
  2. Lufthansa will transfer the refund in the same way that you used while making your ticket booking.
  3. To receive a full refund, the passenger must cancel their ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it.
  4. If any passenger fails to cancel their booking within 24 hours, then the airline will levy cancellation charges.
  5. The refund amount depends on various factors, such as time of cancelation, penalty or charges, ticket type, route, and more.
  6. If any passenger is holding a non-refundable ticket, then the airline shall not provide any refund.
  7. However, customers can claim their refund in terms of travel credits for their ticket amount.
  8. If you have to cancel your ticket due to an emergency, in that case the airline shall provide you a full refund.
  9. Such emergencies include the sudden demise of a family member or illness that prohibits you or your co-passenger from traveling.
  10. Please note that the passenger must submit valid supporting documents to be eligible for a Lufthansa refund.

24-Hour Lufthansa Refund Policy

The 24 Hour Policy by Lufthansa states full refund rules for all customers. If a customer cancels their ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it, then they are eligible to receive a full Lufthansa refund. However, if the cancelation is done after these 24 hours, then the passenger is liable to pay a certain cancellation fee. The fee will depend on various factors, such as time of cancelation, route, length of flight, destination, and more.

Lufthansa Flight Delay & Compensation

Did your plans fall through because the flight was delayed? In that case, you have the right to claim compensation from Lufthansa. Firstly, all passengers experiencing flight delays must be aware that in such cases, it’s the airline’s responsibility to either provide a Lufthansa flight delay refund or rebook an alternative flight.

However, there are set conditions on which the compensation depends. For example, if the airline is able to rebook you a replacement flight with similar arrival and departure details, in that case, no compensation or refund is provided. Additionally, if the flight delay is due to some extraordinary reasons that are out of the airline’s control, then no compensation or refund is provided. Such circumstances include poor weather conditions, air traffic control strikes, and more.

EC261 protects the rights of passengers facing delays with Lufthansa. Therefore, the compensation rules are in accordance with EU regulations. If the delay in flight exceeds 3 hours and is because of Lufthansa Airline’s fault, then passengers are entitled to compensation up to $650 per passenger.
Moreover, when the total delayed time is calculated, the arrival time of the flight is noted and not the departure time. If you are wondering whether or not your flight is covered under EC 261, please view the table given below.

                          LUFTHANSA FLIGHTS                                 COVERED BY EC 261
                          Flights departing EU airports                                                 Yes
                          Flights arriving at EU airports                                                 Yes

How Much is The Compensation Amount by Lufthansa?

How much compensation can you get if Lufthansa delays your flight? The table given below represents the breakdown of the Lufthansa compensation amount that a passenger is eligible to get.

                                                  DISTANCE                              COMPENSATION
                                All Lufthansa flights under 1,500 Km                             Up to €250 per passenger
                                   Internal EU flights over 1,500 Km                            Up to €400 per passenger
                        Non Internal EU flights between 1,500-3,000 Km                            Up to €400 per passenger
                             Non internal EU flights over 3,500 Km                            Up to €600 per passenger


Sometimes, life hits us with some unexpected and unavoidable circumstances. If such events are causing you to lose your hard-earned money, then read the above information thoroughly. Getting a Lufthansa refund is now easier than ever, and that is with just a few simple steps. If you still have any questions, please connect with a live person at Lufthansa customer service by calling 1 (800) 645-3880 or 1-844-402-8093.

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Generally, the airline does not provide any refund to customers who hold a non-refundable ticket. However, in certain urgent cases, such as the sudden demise of a family member, the airline may consider a refund. Lufthansa usually provides customers with travel credits worth the fare amount that the customer can use within one year. However, it is always better to purchase Lufthansa refundable tickets.

Lufthansa Airlines provides customers with various ways to apply for a refund. Firstly, customers can visit Lufthansa’s official website and fill out the refund form. Secondly, customers can text the airline using the Live Chat option given on their website. Thirdly, call Lufthansa customer service directly and request a refund.

Lufthansa Airlines usually transfers the refund amount within 7-21 days of sending a refund request. However, the approval of the refund request also plays a role.

The 24-hour rule by Lufthansa states that if a passenger cancels their flight ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it, they are eligible for a full refund. However, after these 24 hours, a certain cancellation fee is levied on the customer.

To contact a live person at Lufthansa Airlines, dial the customer service phone number 1 (800) 645-3880 or 1-844-402-8093.