How To Upgrade a Seat on Lufthansa?

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Lufthansa Seat Upgrade

Want to know about Lufthansa Seat upgrade? Buckle up because this blog will take you to the heights of comfort and luxury in the skies. Lufthansa is one of the best airlines in Europe, taking care of passengers 24/7 by offering convenient, accessible flight programs. The ones that make it easy to maintain your comfort and budget!

Additionally, this blog will guide you on upgrading your Lufthansa flying experience, transforming regular travel into an incredible journey. You’ve got it whether you want more leg space, gourmet food, or a premium seat’s warm embrace! Prepare to heighten your adventure and discover a world of unsurpassed flying luxury.

What Types of Upgrades are Available in Lufthansa?

Lufthansa’s upgrade policy offers many options to secure an upgrade to a higher travel class. Instead of taking a seat in economy class, the airline offers various ways to upgrade your travel experience. However, to secure an update, simply do it through the website/ mobile app and at the check-in point. To enjoy the greater comfort, different upgrading options are available as follows:

How to Upgrade Seats?

Lufthansa seat upgrade offers choices to upgrade your seat within the same cabin class. However, in the upgrade, you can opt for a seat with better reclining, more leg space, a better outside view, or one that is located where you desire in the cabin.

How to Upgrade Cabin Class?

Lufthansa also allows passengers to upgrade their cabin class. However, you can go from an inferior cabin class, such as economy class, to a superior cabin class, such as business class or first class. Additionally, it provides you with more facilities, greater comfort, and a rich travel experience.

Ways to Upgrade using Miles?

If you are a member of Lufthansa’s reward program, points & more, then you can upgrade your flight using your points. You can use your miles rewards to upgrade to a better cabin class or seat within the same class. However, upgrade yourself to a higher class of service by using your award miles online, directly at the airport check-in counter, or by contacting Lufthansa’s local Miles & More staff. Aside from award miles, you can redeem your-vouchers to upgrade to a higher travel class.

How to Upgrade In-Flight Services?

Lufthansa also offers you the option to upgrade particular flight amenities, such as upscale lounges or meal selections. At the same time, you can take advantage of improved meals or gain access to better amenities usually reserved for elite travelers.

Note: You can secure an upgrade from 360 days before the flight and at the latest 24 hours before flight departure

What are the ways to Upgrade Lufthansa Flights?

To request an Lufthansa seat upgrade, you can do it through the app/ website or over the phone. The various ways for upgradation are:


Lufthansa allows you to upgrade 360 days before flight departure and complete it 24 hours before the trip. To make an upgradation online, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the “My booking” section of the Lufthansa website or app.
  2. The system will automatically determine the flights available for the upgrade.
  3. Check and review the flight/ flights you want to upgrade.
  4. Click on the “Upgrade” option or link.
  5. To secure the upgrade, provide the payment details and confirm your upgrade.
  6. The reservation confirmation will be shared with you via your mail.


To request an Lufthansa seat upgrade over the phone, call +1-866-217-1292. Make sure to contact Lufthansa Customer Service at least ten days before the flight departure time.

Lufthansa offers various options to make the procedure quick and accessible, whether you upgrade online or offline.

How to be Eligibility for the Business Class Upgrade?

  • To secure an Lufthansa seat upgrade to business class:
  • You must have a confirmed ticket reservation.
  • There must be available seats in business for upgradation.
  • Lufthansa must operate your flight, i.e., bearing a Lufthansa number.
  • You must secure your upgrade anywhere from 360 days to 24 hours before flight departure time. However, the period will depend on your destination.

What are the Benefits of Upgrading to Premium/ Business Class?

  • Lufthansa seat upgrade offers you various benefits such as:
  • You will acquire access to the fast lane during the security checks, providing a smoother and speedier experience.
  • You will get access to executive lounges at the airport. These executive lounges offer a calm and relaxing setting for working or relaxing before your journey.
  • If you use the passenger bridge, you will board the flight on a priority basis. It will make your boring process quick and less stressful.
  • In business class, you will acquire a seat in the cabin’s first row. However, you will get more comfort, and the adjacent seat will be empty, giving you additional room and solitude.
  • Under Lufthansa seat upgrade, including a fulfilling lunch, you will also get a variety of options for drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  • Additionally, when you upgrade to premium/business class, you will get an allowance for additional carry-on luggage as per the Baggage Policy.
  • Under the Miles & More frequent flyer program, you will be eligible for more excellent mileage credit. As a result, you can accrue more status and award miles. However, it will put you closer to receiving amazing advantages and prizes.
  • Lastly, your ticket’s original terms and conditions will not alter while you enjoy the extra benefits. Thus, this guarantees a smooth upgrade process without interfering with your trip plans.

What is the Cost to Upgrade to Seats in Lufthansa?

Lufthansa sells upgrades to premium economy via auctions and flat fees. The Lufthansa Seat upgrade costs $400, depending on the flight route and time. The cheapest upgrade you can acquire is from economy to premium economy, which costs around $268 per flight. The cost to upgrade from economy class to Lufthasa’s premium classes will range from USD 300 to USD 600, depending on the journey route and time. However, you can get upgrades at the ticket counters via auctions and flat fees starting several days before departure.

How to do Lufthansa Bid Upgrade?

Apart from reserving a flight at a set fee, Lufthansa offers the option to bid for an upgrade. If you are considering whether upgrading your Lufthansa ticket is worthwhile, you can submit a bid for an upgrade in your booking. You can submit the bid for your upgrade via the “My booking” option for a future upgrade by logging in and providing your information. If Lufthansa accepts your request, you can upgrade your ticket to your chosen price.

Here’s how to submit a request for a Lufthansa Upgrade Bid:

  • Visit the “My bookings” section.
  • Verify your eligibility before applying for the Lufthansa Bid Upgrade.
  • Click on the message to see if an upgrade is available on your booking.
  • Enter the price you are willing to pay for the upgrade.
  • Recheck your offer, enter the details, and click “Submit.”
  • You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Up to 72 hours before your departure, you can change or cancel your upgrade offer by signing into “My Booking.”


Overall, upgrading your seat on Lufthansa Airlines is not just luxury- It’s a gateway to a superior travel experience. From enhanced comfort to impeccable service, the benefits are undeniable. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can soar with the extraordinary? Upgrade today and elevate your journey. For more information contact at 1800 102 5838.

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You can secure an upgrade by visiting their website/ app or contacting the service desk at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure. However, changes to fares and Lufthansa may be applicable.


Yes, Lufthansa offers its customers the option to bid for an upgrade in their bookings.

Lufthansa’s premium economy offers many amenities, such as more space, free baggage, and service. You will enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable journey during your long-haul flights in premium economy class.


An upgrade using miles or points for a flight between the US and Europe will generally cost you around 30,000 frequent flier miles.

Lufthansa offers an upgrade option depending on the location. However, you can do it at the ticket, check, or bag drop-off counter. Meanwhile, depending on the journey route and time, you will have to pay for the upgrade.