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Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy offers help and assistance to youngsters aged between 5 to 11 years to travel alone. This service guarantees that youngsters receive extra attention and care during their travel from the moment they check in until they arrive at their destination.

During the journey, the youngsters are accompanied by the trained staff of the airport while security checks, boarding, and the flight. Above all, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child will be taken care of during their journey. Lufthansa aspires to make unaccompanied youngsters’ travel experiences safe, pleasant, and pleasurable.

Who is eligible for Lufthansa unaccompanied minor Policy?

You can book for Unaccompanied minor service offered by Lufthansa Airlines for children aged between 5 to 11 years. In fact, you can book for Lufthansa Unaccompanied minor service from the age of 12 up to a maximum of 17 years. Children below 5 years old are not allowed to travel alone in Lufthansa until they are accompanied by an adult who is at least 16 years old. Further, the Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy ensures that the parents and children feel they are in safe hands before, during, and after the flight. Above all, Lufthansa also ensures that your child receives extra care during any disruption such as flight delay or cancellation.

How to book Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Lufthansa Unaccompanied minor Policy booking is not available online. You can book a ticket for unaccompanied children service through Lufthansa customer service, a travel agent, or the Lufthansa ticket desk at the airport. You have to be sure to book the ticket and service before 24 hours of flight departure. However, you must pay for the special service while booking your ticket through customer support or a travel agent. In fact, you can also pay for the service charge before 24 hours of departure. Then you can simply go to the check-in counter on journey day without wasting time paying at the airport desk. Also, if you didn’t opt for a special seat or meal during booking, you can still order before 24 hours of departure.

What is the fee for Lufthansa Unaccompanied minor Policy?

Along with the price of the flight ticket, there is a special charge for the Unaccompanied minor service by Lufthansa. As per the child and travel route, the special charge ranges from USD 95 to USD 170, as mentioned below:

  • USD 95- Within Austria, Germany and Switzerland
  • USD 95- Europe along with flights within Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
  • USD 105- North America & flights within Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.
  • USD 130- Arab region, Middle East, and central Africa including Qatar, Nigeria, South Africa, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain.
  • USD 140- Medium haul intercontinental flights including East US, East Canada, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Maldives, Angola, and Equatorial Guinea.
  • USD 170- Long haul intercontinental flights including West Canada, West US, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, South America, Singapore, Seychelles, and South Africa.

What are the travel documents required for unaccompanied minor service?

Actually, on the journey day, it is important to keep several necessary documents for smooth boarding and journey. At the airport, you will be given a small yellow bag which will be carried by your child during the whole journey. As per the Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor service you must carry the following documents:

  • Child ID card with age and passport
  • Child’s travel insurance certificate
  • Print out the flight ticket
  • Information on any allergy or disease the child may have
  • Duplicate copy of Lufthansa Unaccompanied minor Policy form.
  • receipt of prepaid charges for Lufthansa Unaccompanied minor service.
  • Declaration or consent form from parents or legal guardians for unaccompanied travel allowance.
  • Valid photo ID card of the escort person.
  • Additionally, Important documents such as birth certificate, vaccination, and destination country’s visa.
  • Also, it is recommended to have 3 copies of the form for the child, parents, and Lufthansa.

What are the Guidelines for Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minors?

For a smooth journey experience for your child, you must ensure to take care of the following things:

At the airport (Drop-off Location)

  • Make sure to reach the airport early and have enough buffer time for getting a pass, parking, etc.
  • Make sure to refer to Lufthansa’s check-in and bag drop-off deadlines.
  • Collect the small yellow bag from the counter and keep all the necessary documents handy during the journey.
  • Make sure to carry valid documents. Necessary documents such as Child ID, passport, Visa, insurance certificate, special service form, service pre-paid receipt, etc.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to accompany an Unaccompanied Minor to the airport.
  • You must ensure to remain at the airport and be contactable by phone until the flight departs.
  • Visit Lufthansa’s check-in counter. Additionally, in some airports, you are also required to accompany the child to the gate
  • Afterward, Check in with the staff at the gate and ensure to inform them about dropping off an Unaccompanied Minor
  • Also, Make sure to inform the parent/guardian responsible for the pickup of the Unaccompanied minor.

During the Flight

  • The Lufthansa’s crew member will welcome the Unaccompanied Minor.
  • The flight crew member will check on the child from time to time.
  • Seat near to the flight attendants are allotted to the unaccompanied minors.
  • The parent/guardian responsible for the pickup of the child must be contactable in case of any flight disruption.
  • However, in the case of connecting flights, the child will be met by another staff member to accompany the connecting flight’s departure gate.

At the Destination (Pick up Location)

  • Make sure to reach the airport early while referring to Lufthansa’s check-in and bag drop-off deadlines.
  • Make sure to collect passes from the Lufthansa’s ticket counter for smooth check-ins at the security checkpoints.
  • Do not forget to carry your valid ID card for meeting the unaccompanied minor at the gate.
  • Also, make sure to reach the airport before the arrival of the flight.
  • Additionally, a staff member will escort the child from the plane to meet their parent or guardian.
  • However, ensure to inform the drop-off parent/guardian about the safe arrival and pickup of the child.

Carry-on baggage allowance

  • Your child should be able to carry the hand baggage comfortably without any help.
  • The weight of the bag must be within 8kgs and the dimensions should be not more than 55×40×23 cm.
  • As per Lufthansa’s baggage policy for Unaccompanied Minor the bag must contain the following items:
  1.  Child’s favorite toy
  2.  Warm clothes
  3. A small amount of cash
  4. Any medicines if needed during the flight or at the destination
  5. Fee checked bag allowance included in the ticket price.

What are the rules for the Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minors?

According to Lufthansa UMNR policy, children aged 5 to 12 are allowed to travel alone if opted for unaccompanied minors service. Before booking a ticket and opting for the unaccompanied minors service, here are few things you must know:

  • Unaccompanied minors must carry all the necessary documents from the city of origin to the destination.
  • The airline does not allow pets with minors.
  • On the contrary, unaccompanied minor services are not allowed for connecting flights. In such cases, exceptions would be applied if the scheduled flight is the only departure or connecting flight.
  • For the security and safety purposes of the child, the airlines restrict to only 10 seats for unaccompanied minors.
  • In case of any weather or flight disruption, then Lufthansa will not accept the unaccompanied minors.


Lufthansa Unaccompanied minor Policy provides you with peace of mind by assuring the safety and comfort of your child when traveling. Lufthansa prioritizes the requirements of unaccompanied children, providing special assistance and care for your child. Additionally, qualified staff members of Lufthansa provide complete support during the journey, ensuring a flawless flying experience. Lufthansa is a trusted choice for families allowing their children to fly alone because of its stringent safety regulations. If you need more information, feel free to contact at +1-844-402-8093.

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Yes, you can get a refund of the unaccompanied minors service fee in case of a change of plans or any disruption.

Certainly yes, you can book a special seat or meal for your child while opting for unaccompanied service. However, you can book the meal or seat even before 24 hours of flight departure.

No, you cannot book Lufthansa unaccompanied minor services online. However, you can book it via a travel agent, airline customer support, or ticket counter at the airport.

Fees for an unaccompanied minor within Germany or Europe, per route per child range from USD 95 to USD 140. Also, for U.S./medium & long-haul intercontinental routes charges range between USD 140 to USD 170.

Note: This is an additional charge for the flight tickets.

Children aged between 5 to 11 years can fly alone with Lufthansa flights if opted for unaccompanied minor service. Children can also fly alone if they are accompanied by someone at least 12 years old.