Lufthansa Infant Policy

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Lufthansa Infant Policy

Do you want to travel with your family on a vacation with Lufthansa Airlines and need to know the Lufthansa infant policy? Whether you are planning ahead or have an upcoming trip, it is crucial to look up Lufthansa airline policies beforehand so you can stay prepared during your trip.

Lufthansa accommodates every age group with appropriate amenities and services. But you might have to comply with every factor and statutory provision. Additionally, if you wish to fly with Lufthansa Airlines, an infant can also be added to the itinerary in a much more convenient way. However, this blog delves into the crucial aspects of the Lufthansa infant policy and related information. Go through this blog till the end to get answers to all your queries!

What is Lufthansa Infant Policy?

If you are willing to travel with an infant, you should follow up with certain terms and conditions of Lufthansa Airlines. Further, you can get important insights about the same under the Lufthansa Infant Policy, which has been explained as follows:

  • As an adult traveler, you can accompany a child up to two years on a lap without paying additional charges. But the children must be under 2 years old.
  • If you are a single traveler with more than one child, you must purchase a seat. However, in such scenarios, you must carry a child restraint system on the flight.
  • You can bring food for the children to eat. However, Lufthansa Airlines also serves snacks on the flights.
  • Additionally, you must dress the child in multiple layers of clothing, known as “onion layering,” to accommodate the template in an airport or flight.
  • If traveling with children, you must avoid a seat near the emergency exit rows.
  • If you buy a child ticket, you must carry a child restraint system.

How to Book a Seat For Infant on Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa Airlines offers various modes to add children to bookings. However, you can easily book a seat for an infant on Lufthansa Airlines using these methods:

Book a Seat For a Child Using Online Mode:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Lufthansa.
  • Click on the “book” option.
  • Then, enter the important details such as the passenger’s name, date of journey, etc.
  • Afterward, click on the “travelers” icon.
  • Further, you can add the number of passengers as adults, children, or infants.
  • Next, choose the flight according to your suitability.
  • Fill in the passengers’ contact details and click on the continue option.
  • Lastly, to confirm the reservations, complete the payment procedure.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation message with your phone number and email.

Book a Seat For The Child Via Call:

  • Firstly, dial the Lufthansa customer service number 1-844-402-8093.
  • Then, follow the IVR prompts and select the preferred language.
  • Within a few minutes, a Lufthansa airline representative will connect with you.
  • Ask the Lufthansa representative to book flight tickets along with the child.
  • Provide all the necessary details related to the passengers and child.
  • Complete the payment procedure.
  • Lastly, you will get a confirmation message with your registered phone number and email.

Does Lufthansa Charge For Infants?

As per the Lufthansa lap infant policy, the fare for the child is chargeable for babies up to 2 years of age, for whom you reserve a seat, and children who will turn 2 before the return flight. However, Lufthansa airline offers two types of child fares:

  • Lufthansa Infant Fare: Babies under 2 years of age don’t require any seat and can easily travel free of cost on domestic German routes or for 10% of the adult fare on all other routes.
  • Lufthansa Child Fare: Children who are between 2 to 12 years old require separate seats and can travel for 75% of the adult cost of the flight on most different routes and all fares.

What is Lufthansa Infant In-Lap Policy?

Lufthansa Airlines ensures that all passengers are well-catered for before, during, and after their flights. Here is what Lufthansa airline offers the In-Lap infants:

  • Seating: While booking your flight tickets, you must inform Lufthansa Airlines representatives or the travel agent that you will be traveling with a baby. You must do this to arrange the best infant seat option available for you and your child on Lufthansa flights.
  • Feeding: Lufthansa offers water for the babies on the flight. However, Lufthansa crew members will also warm baby’s bottles, glasses, and food. Additionally, you can carry baby food, breastmilk, and formulas on Lufthansa flights. However, some restrictions exist, as the airport security regulation will determine the quantities allowed for hand baggage.
  • Meals: Lufthansa offers free children’s meals for long-haul flights if you book your flight tickets through their customer service number 24 hours before flight departure.

What is Lufthansa Baby Policy (under 2)?

Here’s the Lufthansa on flight amenities according to the Lufthansa Baby policy for under two years old child:

  • Entertainment Option: Lufthansa Airlines’ in-flight entertainment consoles offer programs that are especially for children. Babies can choose their entertainment options, such as radio shows, documentaries, movies, etc. However, parents can easily block children’s viewing of other channels by speaking with the flight attendants. Additionally, you can easily check the Lufthansa infant ticket policy, which shows entertainment options, by visiting their official website.
  • Special Toys & Games: Special toys and games are the most exciting part for children to enjoy during air travel. Lufthansa offers various toys for the children, such as coloring books, puzzles, etc. If your child is flying for the first time, they will also get a logbook to collect and record their flights. However, it would help if you asked the Lufthansa flight attendants for these amenities.
  • Bassinets: Lufthansa Airlines offers bassinets for babies weighing less than twenty-four pounds and measuring less than twenty-six inches. You can reserve for the bassinets up to 52 hours before the flight departure. However, in some scenarios, you might have to pay additional charges for the Lufthansa infant seats with bassinets.


Lufthansa Airlines has an extensive policy for infants and children. Lufthansa Airlines has covered everything from booking baby seats to carrying essential items on board and important amenities for a baby’s comfortable and smooth journey. The airline understands the needs and concerns of parents traveling with babies and strives to make their travel experience smooth, comfortable, and convenient. While additional costs exist for certain amenities, Lufthansa’s policy ensures parents have all the necessary information to make the right decisions. With Lufthansa’s infant policy, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that your little ones are in good hands.

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Lufthansa Airlines offers special bassinets for their entire long-haul fleet. These are perfectly suited to babies under 11 kg in weight and under 67 cm in length. The number of bassinets on board is limited. You can reserve a bassinet up to 52 hours before your flight departs.

If a child restraint system is used for a child under 2, you must purchase a separate seat. Suitable child seats, baby baskets, or foldable pushchairs may be brought on board as additional carry-on baggage free of charge.

Babies (0-2 years) who do not occupy a seat travel free on German domestic flights and for 10 percent of the regular fare on all other routes.

Babies and toddlers under 2 years old aren’t legally required to occupy an airplane seat and can instead travel as a “lap infant” on their parent’s ticket. Lap infants are generally free of charge, although you may pay a percentage of the full fare if you’re traveling internationally.

Additional pieces of baggage must be checked in as excess baggage. A car seat folding buggy or pram or a baby seat may be transported as carry-on baggage free of charge.