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Loyalty programs have become integral to the travel landscape, allowing travelers to earn rewards and benefits for their ongoing patronage. The Lufthansa Miles & More loyalty program is among the prominent players in this field. This blog dives into the best ways to earn and redeem Lufthansa Airlines Miles & More.

Best Ways to Earn Lufthansa Miles and More

Here are some of the best ways to earn Lufthansa Miles & More points:

  • Flying Lufthansa: Once you become a member of Miles & More, you will earn points each time you fly with Lufthansa Airlines. You must only provide your Mile & More membership number while booking your flight tickets. Depending on how you booked your tickets, you earn miles based on the amount you paid. More factors such as how far you flew, and in what class of service.
  • Booking hotels and rental cars: you can earn Lufthansa miles by booking Hilton Honors, Best Western, IHG, and Marriott hotels. Just select “Earn miles” and then navigate to “Hotels.” There, you can see various ways to earn miles through accommodation. On-screen, you can see the cost of different hotel rooms and how many Lufthansa miles you’ll earn if you book. However, some offers apply to specific hotel groups, such as earning 2 miles per dollar at Holiday Inn or 1,500 miles when staying at Best Westerns.

For rental cars, browse the Earn Miles section of the Miles & More official website to see all the methods for earning miles by renting cars. Hertz and Europcar are the rental partners of Lufthansa’s rental car.

  • Spending on a Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card: The Miles & More World Elite Mastercard from Barclays is the quickest way to begin accruing miles. The card has a neat welcome bonus. If you pay the yearly fee and spend $3,000 on purchases during the first ninety days, you will receive fifty thousand miles. After that, every dollar you spend on Lufthansa or its connected airlines will earn you two miles. Moreover every dollar you spend on other purchases will earn you one mile.

Ways to Redeem Lufthansa Miles

Here are some ways you can use your Lufthansa Miles & More points:

  • Fly Lufthansa: If you choose to fly with Lufthansa Airlines, then on their official website, you can see in advance how many miles you will need by using its handy award calculator. Click the “Spend miles” option and enter your trip details. You can see how many miles you will need for the economy, business, first class, one-way, or round trip flights.
  • Fly a partner airline: Utilizing your Lufthansa miles to travel on a partner airline is even simpler because Lufthansa provides a chart that indicates the precise number of miles required to reach your destination. Using the table, you can determine how many miles you will need for a round-trip economy ticket on Lufthansa. However, business class tickets on 192,000 miles, or first class tickets on 302,000 miles. Hotel stays: You may use your Lufthansa miles to book hotels. By searching all around the globe for the passengers on the Hotels & Cars by Points website.
  • Rental cars: Look for rental cars that accept mile payments on the Hotels & automobiles by Points page.
  • Gift cards: Three dozen well-known retailers such as Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and Gap. These retailers offer miles in exchange for gift cards. Some gift cards start at 3,000 Miles & More miles.


Overall, The Lufthansa Miles & More program offers awards and perks for loyalty. It provides a foundation for improving travel experiences by allowing members to accrue and use miles. The program serves a wide spectrum of travelers with a broad partner network and several redemption choices. Moreover, If you want more information about Lufthansa Miles & More or have any queries, feel free to contact Lufthansa customer service at 844-402-8093.

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You need 6,000 to 20,000 miles for a free one-way flight, depending on how far you’re flying, your airline, and the travel dates. A one-way international flight will usually cost 35,000-50,000+ miles. Airline miles and points are generally worth around 1 cent each, but their value can vary.

Lufthansa Miles & More Review: Potentially Valuable for Flights Abroad. This card may offer useful benefits if you fly where Lufthansa and its partners can take you. Just be aware of the perks that come with taxes and fees.