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Lufthansa Airlines Business Class

With Lufthansa Airlines Business Class, experience luxury, greater comfort, and a relaxing journey while reaching your destination. You will be thrilled that Lufthansa Airlines business class seats can convert into a fully flat bed almost two meters long. Additionally, the subtle open-plan design and seating arrangement creates a surprisingly spacious feel and relaxing journey.

Here, the blog will discuss the factors related to Lufthansa Airlines business class, such as the price, the benefits, and many more. So keep reading the blog till the end to get more information and answers to all your questions.

What does business class Lufthansa include?

While traveling on Lufthansa Business Class, you’ll arrive feeling more relaxed. Lounge access, priority boarding at the Airport, additional free baggage, and exclusive in-flight meals await you as a passenger in Lufthansa Business Class. Additionally, there are many other amenities included as follows:

Check-ins advantage

While being a Lufthansa business class traveler, your check-in process will be faster and easier. You can even check-in online up to 23 hours before departure and select your preferred seat.

Baggage allowance advantage

Carry-on baggage: In Lufthansa business class, you will be allowed two carry-on items with a maximum—capacity of 8kg each.

Checked baggage: You get up to 23 kg baggage allowance in Lufthansa Airlines business class. The dimensions for the carry-on baggage must be up to a maximum of 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

For the business class, you must choose between a trolly, a compatible baby buggy, and a foldable garment bag. The dimensions for the foldable garment bags are a maximum of 57 x 54 x 15 cm.

Lounge advantages

Lufthansa’s business class tickets make you eligible to access all the global executive lounges. The Lufthansa lounges are zoned for your ultimate comfort:

  • Working zone: You will find various amenities such as privacy stalls, power sockets, and ample charging stations for all the devices. Lufthansa even provides printers in this section for any last-minute paper copies, which can help you work peacefully in the Airport.
  • Reception: Here, you can easily find staff to help with your queries or any unexpected issues.
  • Comfort zone: Here, you can find a suitable seating area. Whether you need a comfortable place to read a magazine or newspaper after your meal, the bistro area for a quick, bar-style snack, or a restaurant-style table and chairs for a proper sit-down meal. Also, you will get a fully catered buffet available at all times.

Boarding advantage

You will acquire access to the fast lane during the security checks, providing a smoother and speedier experience. Business class cabins have dedicated flight attendants available to tend to your every need.

Business Class Seats 

You will get a fully adjustable seat, which you can make comfortable according to your needs. It has three positions:

  • Upright
  • Lounge
  • Lie-flat

Additionally, each seat is 20 inches wide and has around 64 inches of legroom when upright.


You will get a 15″ personal touchscreen entertainment system to access all the entertainment options and complementary Bose headphones. It’s easy to stay entertained on those long-haul flights.

Amenity kit

While traveling in a Lufthansa Airlines business class, you will get an amenity kit that includes- socks, an eye mask, earplugs, a dental hygiene kit, lotion, and lip balm.

Food and beverages

Lufthansa’s business-class restaurant service focuses on high-quality, fresh, seasonal menus. All meals are served on fine china with silverware, stylish glassware, and an award-winning wine selection.

What are the benefits of traveling in Business Class on short and medium-haul routes?

While traveling in Business Class to your next business meeting or on holiday, you will get various advantages such as:

  • Priority check-ins
  • More baggage
  • Executive lounge access
  • Priority boarding
  • More personal space
  • Fine dining buffet

What are the benefits of traveling in Business Class on long-haul routes?

While traveling in Business Class on long-haul routes, you can convert the seats into a fully flat bed almost two meters long. Along with that, you get access to various amenities that make you feel more relaxed when traveling to your destination, such as:

  • Finest dining pleasure
  • On board entertainment
  • Relax before your departure
  • Lufthansa Welcome Lounge

What service does Lufthansa provide on short night flights?

Lufthansa offers a night service on short intercontinental flights departing after 20.00 o’clock with a flight duration of 6-8 hours. The flight attendants serve all courses, including the main course food, in the same tray so the passengers can sleep longer. However, Lufthansa’s business class seats can be converted into fully flat beds nearly two meters long for better service.

How do you upgrade to Lufthansa Business Class Online?

Follow the steps below to upgrade your booking to business class:

  1. Go to the Lufthansa website or app and look for Miles & more options for exciting offers.
  2. Login to Miles & more accounts by entering your details.
  3. In the first box, enter the sponsor. The sponsor is the person named on the card. You are eligible to upgrade up to 3 travel companions.
  4. On the next page, fill in the details such as flight number, departure airport, destination airport, and ticket number. After entering all the credentials, click “Go”.
  5. Select your payment mode. You can pay through your mile & more points or using your eVouchers.
  6. After doing so, review all the information and make the necessary changes ( if any). Here, the system will automatically inform you whether the upgrade is available.
  7. Lastly, you must agree with the terms & conditions, then finalize the purchase by clicking “Perform Upgrade.”
  8. Finally, Check your emails for the upgrade confirmation.

How do you upgrade to Lufthansa Business Class at the Airport?

Follow the steps below To Upgrade To Lufthansa Business Class At The Airport:

  1. Head to your nearest Lufthansa service desk.
  2. Carry your confirmed ticket for the required details.
  3. Request an upgrade to the customer service representative, and present them your ticket and frequent flier card.
  4. If any upgradation options are available, then a new ticket will be issued to you immediately
  5. Otherwise, your upgradation request will be in the standby option
  6. At the departure gate, approach the Lufthansa representative and inform them that you’re on the standby upgrade list.

What is the fee for a Lufthansa Business Class upgrade?

A free upgrade using miles or points for a flight between the United States and Europe generally costs around 30,000 frequent flier miles. Additionally, the upgrade fee also depends upon various factors such as journey route, journey date, types of upgrades, and many more.


Overall, Upgrading your booking to Lufthansa business class is a game changer for unrivaled comfort and luxury in the air. With premium facilities, dedicated service, and a world-class experience, upgrading is more than just an option; it’s a choice that turns your travel into an amazing adventure. Upgrade today and experience the luxury!

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The seats provided by Lufthansa in business class can be converted to a fully flat bed that is almost two meters long.

Choose window seats (A or K) in business class for more legroom and better views. Avoid rows 25 and 26 due to noise from the onboard bar and bathrooms.

It’s all worth upgrading to business class because you will enjoy many benefits there. Benefits include comfortable seats, access to executive lounges, free wifi, and many more.

Lufthansa offers sleepshirts to their business class travelers on long night flights.